Visual inspection of mining ropes

Visual inspection of mine ropes

With the Minespect® system, we deliver a new technology that can
comprehensively solve the challenges of rope inspection in underground
mining. The device is designed and optimized for operation on Koepe shaft hoisting systems for inspect multiple parallel hoisting ropes. Nevertheless, the inspection system can also be used on drum hoists.

With our rope inspection system Minespect®, visual inspection of the complete rope circumference is performed accurately, safely and quickly. The rope surface is recorded at a speed of up to 20 m/s and can be carried out during conveying operation. This circumstance results in considerable cost savings.






Benefits of our system

Ensure operational safety

High plant availability

Detailed documentation

Evaluation of rope condition

The image data recorded by the cameras is then automatically processed, the diameter and lay length are determined over the entire rope length and defects such as wire breaks protruding from the rope are detected. Afterwards, the operator can examine and evaluate the result.

  • Anomalies protruding from the rope
  • Increase/decrease of the rope diameter
  • Increase/decrease in lay length
  • Basket deformation
  • Waviness
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Finally, the documentation generated by the inspection system helps to compare the rope condition over time and to detect dynamic changes in the rope. A more accurate assessment of the discard condition can thus be carried out.




You would like to inspect your ropes digitally?

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