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Shaft hoisting systems

Hoisting ropes in continuous operation

Rope inspection in underground mining

When mining mineral resources in underground mines, the hoisting ropes are the heart of a shaft hoisting system. Since every interruption of the mining operation causes considerable costs, the hoisting ropes are in continuous operation. In addition to the mining product itself, the hoisting ropes ensure that both, the personnel and the working equipment, are transported safely from surface to underground and vice versa. In addition, the ropes are used for communication between the teams above and below ground.

Therefore, the ropes should be inspected regularly with regard to the following points:

  • Ensure safe operation of the hoisting system
  • Ensure operational availability of the hoisting system
  • Improved predictive maintenance on the hoisting system

However, assessing the condition of the rope is difficult due to various environmental factors. For example, the visual inspection is usually carried out by two employees who inspect the rope as it passes by at a speed of 1 m/s. Damage can very easily be overlooked here as this task requires a high degree of concentration and is often carried out under great time pressure at the same time. Detecting changes in rope diameter and lay length is almost impossible with a moving rope. Furthermore, the inspection is time-consuming and thus causes considerable costs. Furthermore, the inspection is neither transparent nor is the inspection result sufficiently documented. In addition to the time pressure, the inspectors are also exposed to hazards by working next to moving ropes and by working next to the open shaft. The availability of trained personnel is also a challenge in this so important work.

Our visual inspection system digitizes regular rope inspection and is used to inspect hauling ropes used on both drum – and friction hoists.

You would like to inspect your ropes digitally?

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