Alpine Ropeways

Monocable, bicable (2S) & tricable (3S) gondola lifts, funiculars, chairlifts and draglifts

Visual rope inspection for alpine ropeways

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine the mountains without Alpine ropeways. Some cable cars are in operation all year round. While in summer they take both mountaineers and mountain bikers to the summit, in winter they transport skiers and snowboarders.


Depending on the intended use, a wide variety of ropeway types have been developed:

  • Monocable detachable ropeways
  • 2S/3S gondola lifts or aerial tramways
  • Funiculars
  • Chair- and draglifts

With respect to its size and to the different requirements our Winspect® inspection system is designed to overcome the common challenges of the different types of ropeways. Due to its small size, there is always a place for inspecting the hauling ropes in either the bottom, top or middle station either on the side of the station entrance or exit.

The consideration of the different clearance profiles as well as the automatically opening additional lighting allows the passing of support structures and rope riders during the inspection of track ropes.

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