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As the sole shareholder and CEO of Winspect GmbH, I would like to tell you about our strategy.

We are part of a group of medium-sized companies, Autision Group GmbH, and supply automated inspection systems. Our group of companies supplies robotics, machine vision and optical measuring technology under a common umbrella. Our core area of expertise lies in the integration of automation & vision, hence the name: Autision.

Use our solutions to ensure process optimisation through automation, with a high and consistent level of quality. Attract and retain customers in the global competitive environment through the unique selling point of your product quality. Not only does this allow you to lower costs, it also means that you can assign your valuable skilled employees to tasks which aren’t as monotonous or downright dangerous. And this will allow you to secure a significant increase in profits over your competition.

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Our product family is growing

2019 - Development of our new product Bridgespect® for testing ropes on cable-stayed bridges.

We never stand still

2018 - Further development of our products Winspect and Minespect®®. Innovative project for the foundry "Automated fettling of castings with upstream contour detection".

SREDA Innovation Award

2016 - SREDA Innovation Award in Mining Technology. Our product Minespect® wins the SREDA Innovation Award in Mining Technology in 2016.

Nomination for the German Occupational Safety and Health Award of the DGUV

2015 - The product Winspect® is nominated among the 3 finalists among many applications. We are proud of this nomination!

Approval of Winspect® in France

2014 - The Winspect® product receives approval from the authorities in France.

DGzFP User Award

2014 - The product Winspect® wins the DGzfP User Award (German Society for Non-Destructive Testing) for the "evaluation and recognition of outstanding achievements in the field of non-destructive testing".

First development of Minespect®

2012 - The product portfolio is to be expanded and Minespect®, our rope tester for the mine sector, is developed. The first Minespect will be sold to Australia in 2013.

Approval of Winspect® in Switzerland

2012 - Winspect is established in the DACH countries and receives approval from the FOT (Federal Office of Transport) in Bern in 2012

Foundation of Winspect GmbH & GmbH & CoKG

2012 - In order to draw customer proximity and a clear distinction from the automotive business, the Winspect GmbH in Munich and Winspect GmbH & CoKG in Hochfilzen.

Approval by BMVIT (Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology) in Austria

2011 - Several months of testing the Mayrhofener Bergbahn AG compare with Winspect and apparent testing. The result convinces our first reference customer in Austria and the authorities. In 2011, the operational deployment in Austria is approved by the BMVIT.

Further development of the device to series maturity by Automation W+R GmbH

2010 - After several optimization loops and initial tests with our first customers, we apply for approval of Winspect in Germany. The release for operational use in Bavaria will be granted in 2010.

First prototype of a Winspect rope tester of the IFT

2009 - The prevention project visual rope control (VDS/BG/IFT), initiated by the employers' liability insurance association, is worked on at the IFT Institute for Material Handling at the University of Stuttgart and leads to a first prototype.

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