Visual inspection of cable-stayed bridges

Testing cable-stayed bridges

Cables are the load-bearing elements of cable-stayed bridges and give them their stability over decades. Environmental influences such as weathering and loads caused by increasing heavy traffic place enormous stress on the structures. The cables, which are protected against corrosion by a multi-layer coating (sheathing), must be inspected at regular intervals both visually and by magnetic induction in order to detect and repair any damage at an early stage.


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With the Bridgespect® visual bridge rope inspection device, the ropes can be simultaneously inspected semi-automatically visually as well as magnetically inductively. For visual inspection, we have developed a Bridgespect® bridge inspection device in modular design, which can cover rope diameters from 95mm upwards. By means of at least four color cameras arranged at right angles to each other, the complete rope surface is recorded, seamlessly documented and automatically evaluated by software for surface damage. As with our rope inspection devices for ropeways and conveyor systems in mines, the inspection personnel have the option of having a detailed inspection report issued after the analysis has been completed. 

Acquisition by color cameras

Rope- diameter 95mm upwards

Detailed inspection protocol

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