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Reliable visual inspection of steel ropes. Would you like to automate your rope inspection? The Winspect® rope inspection system was developed together with the IFT and Automation W+R GmbH and brought to market maturity. Due to the worldwide demand for the Winspect® testing system for ropes, this area was spun off into Winspect GmbH & CoKG in Austria and Winspect GmbH in Munich. Both companies are dedicated to the further development and international marketing of visual rope testing systems.
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Minespect® Visual inspection of mining ropes Ask us anything Visual inspection of mine ropes With the Minespect® system, we deliver a new technology that...
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Ropes are the load-bearing elements of cable-stayed bridges and give them their stability for decades. Environmental influences such as weather and pollution caused by increasing heavy goods traffic put enormous strain on the structures. The ropes protected against corrosion by a multi-layer coating (sheathing) must be checked at regular intervals both visually and magnetically inductively in order to detect and repair any damage at an early stage.
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