Urban Ropeways

Winspect® rope inspection adapted to your needs. At any time – even at night!

Rope inspection for urban ropeways

Urban ropeways significantly support public transport, offer a high level of comfort and are cheap and quick to install. Due to the long operating times and frequent bending changes, the ropes are often subject to particularly high loads. Regardless of whether you want to close gaps in your public transport system or supply a city completely with ropeways, all urban ropeways must undergo their regular inspections. The Winspect® inspection system is also an essential component in the inspection of ropes for this type of ropeway.

Winspect® can provide significant support for rope inspection.

  • Transparency through a documented inspection result
  • Quick installation due to pre-installed mounting equipment
  • Fast, low-effort inspection 2.5 m/s
  • Independent of ambient light

You would like to inspect your ropes fast and digitally?

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